Handling Bouncing Mails

In this article we’ll discuss how SIT handles bounce backs. A bounce back can happen when one of the users you attempt to send a message to does not receive the message, and it “bounces back” to you with an explanation of why.

One of the great things of managing your mailings via SIT is that it can handle bounce back processing for you to help keep tabs on what users might have changed their email address, or are having other issues receiving your mailings.

To View Bounced Emails – Goto Menu – System –> View Bounces
This will show you a brief of all the emails that has bounced.

To Set Rules – Goto Menu – System –>Manage Bounces
You can define rules for the bounced emails

To Delete Bounced Emails – Goto Menu – System –> Process Bounces
You can delete all the bounced emails from all mailing list sent.