The most cost-effective email verification service

Reduce email bounces, improve inbox deliverability and open rates, protect sender reputation and more: get the highest ROI on your email marketing campaigns.

Reduce cost per lead

Avoid wasting money with invalid leads on your inbound and optimize your sales funnel.

Protect your sender reputation

1 in 5 emails are not delivered due to reputation problems with IP and domains. Get protected!

Increase campaigns ROI

Valid emails promote superior deliverability to the inbox, convert more sales and increase your ROI.

All you need for high-performance email marketing

Email marketing databases naturally degrade by about 22.5% every year. If only 10% of your emails are bad, less than 44% are delivered. Be aware!

Syntax validation

Fully cleans your email list from email addresses with syntax errors

Email deduplication

Removes all records which contain duplicate email addresses

95%+ deliverability guarantee

Our emails marked as “Valid” are covered by our deliverability guarantee

Domain correction

Identifies and fix typing errors in popular domains

Domain validation

Marks all the emails containing inactive or invalid domains

MTA validation

Validates the existence of MX records for every email address

Spam trap removal

Stay In Touch is a cloud service that allows you to run processes fast and effortlessly

Risk validation

Identifies and marks all the emails which domain accepts any email on their domain

Disposable email removal

Checks against our frequently updated temporary email database

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