Campaign Statistics

Viewing Campaign Statistics

Once you send a campaign, you can view statistics related to that campaign.

To view campaign statistics from the Campaigns page:

  1. Navigate to the campaign you want to view the stats for.
  2. Click the name of the campaign to view the statistics, or select the action menu next to the campaign.

From the campaign stats page, you will be able to see your bounces, clicks, opens, etc.

Exporting Campaign Statistics

To export a CSV with raw stats:

  1. From the Campaigns page, click on the name of the campaign you want to review. 
    The Campaign Statistics page opens.
  2. Download the raw data by clicking Export CSV in the right-hand corner.

Exporting Statistics for Multiple Campaigns

You can export a CSV containing the statistics for multiple campaigns. This exported CSV will closely resemble the CSV exported for a single campaign’s statistics, except for two additional columns containing the campaign name and ID for each row of statistics. These columns will be labeled “Campaign Name” and “Campaign ID”, respectively.

To export statistics for multiple campaigns:

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns page within Marketing Campaigns.
  2. Check the box next to each campaign that you want to include in your stats CSV.
  3. Once you’ve selected the campaigns that you want to include in your CSV, click Export CSV.

Campaigns are ordered from most to least recent. The CSV will include a row for each day that SendGrid has gathered statistics. Every stats CSV that you export will contain a row containing the totals for each column.

Viewing Campaign Clicks and Opens

Marketing Campaigns makes it very easy to view recipients who have either opened one of your campaigns or have clicked links within your campaign.

To view campaign clicks and opens:

  1. From the Campaigns page or the individual campaign stats page, hover over the Unique Opens or Unique Clicks stats.
  2. Click View Details. 
    A real-time list of all recipients who either opened your campaign or clicked a link within your campaign appears.