Anti-Spam Policy

Stay in Touch Anti-Spam Policy

Definition of SPAM

We have adopted the Spamhaus’ project definition of Spam. Spam as applied to email means ‘Unsolicited Bulk Email’.

  • Unsolicited means that the recipient has not granted verifiable permission for the message to be sent.
  • Bulk means that the message is sent as part of a larger collection of messages, all having substantively identical content.

You may use Stay In Touch and other Stay In Touch services only to send emails to contacts who have given you written (including electronic) permission to send them emails.

This means:

  • Only permission-based lists.
  • No purchased, rented, scraped or borrowed lists.

Permission-based list

How to obtain people’s permission:

  • Use a double opt-in subscribe procedure. After people have completed the subscribe form on your website, you must send a confirmation email which offers a link for subscribers to confirm their subscription.
  • When you import a list of contacts, for example a list of email addresses you have collected at an event, you should send a first notification message where people confirm that they want to be added to your list. *
  • Always keep the unsubscribe link on your campaigns, so subscribers have the opportunity to change their opinion and easily opt out of your email communications. will remove unsubscribe requests automatically and promptly.
  • When you ask people for their email address (on the subscribe form online, or when asking for their business card), be clear what you will use it for. Tell the subscriber what to expect: how often you send emails, how large they are, what style, what topics and content, etc. Don’t hide information about the subscription on remote pages, behind hyperlinks, or buried in jargon, legalese, and obfuscation.
  • Your campaign subject line should be straightforward and not misleading. Its purpose is to indicate the content of your message. Keep it short, don’t use capital letters, exclamation marks and typical spam words such as ‘Free’ or ‘Special offer’.
  • Make sure you mail the list at regular intervals. Unmailed lists provoke high complaint rates when they are reactivated, even from truly opt-in addresses.
  • Note that people may abandon their email address or change their preferences. is set to remove email addresses from your list automatically after the first bounce.
  • Make sure you state your physical address and contact details on every communication, so people know who you are and what you do.

* It remains possible to immediately confirm imported contacts, but when you do this and we receive a spam notification by one of the ISPs, we will suspend your account immediately.

Prohibited Content and Industries

You may not use or any other SIT service to promote anything illegal or to harass somebody.

You may not use SIT to send email campaigns that link to or display nudity, obscene content, gambling related content, pharmaceutical related content, illegal software, viruses, or to distribute any other content that we deem inappropriate.