How we helped Samyak Drishti with email listing ?

Objective: Staying Connected to existing patients and bringing awareness about their own existence

Challenges: 1) No Organized Database 2) No Email Framework 3) No Contents


  1. A framework for emailing. Our email marketing system (Stay In Touch) on a separate domain booked for the client which would act as their emailing server.
  2. Mailers were sent to existing clients for opt-in for our newsletter and updates
  3. Data List was organized and separates emailing list created
  4. Landing Page was created
  5. Mailers Campaign were sent
  6. Festival Mailers, Free Camp Event Mailers etc. were sent regularly.

  • Annually they were able to connect regularly to existing clients which got them 25% more references last per last year
  • Awareness was created locally which help more people visit the clinic.